“Find the key to your dream home” Game

Agency: ICYGEN

Client: Bulgarian Post Bank

Product: Mortgages

The goal of the promotion was to present the mortgage packages in an attractive, original & engaging way, through experience which symbolized the need for new homes and Post Bank’s solution.

The game is a mini-quest, where the player has to escape from his old room (symbol of the old home) by finding the key to the front door. S/he has to find a series of other things – including documents from Post Bank – to finally discover the key to the exit door.

The same key turns out to be the key to his new home, too.


  • Distribution by banners in business media: 20 days
  • Average banner CTR: 0,74%
  • Unique visitors: 11,452
  • Registrations to play: 4,043
  • Conversion: 35%
  • Email multilevel efficiency: 25% from all of the site visits were from emails sent from registered users to their friends