Marketing Coordinator, DevriX: 2018 – 2020

Managing the Content Team of a Leading WordPress Agency


DevriX is a leading development company, scaling platforms and websites on WordPress and recognized globally as a reliable partner for its tech expertise and fast turn-around.

DevriX marketing is based on content, SEO and inbound strategies where DevriX blog plays the central role. The content team publishes 4 articles weekly on the average. Articles’ quality is supervised by subject matter experts and editors, and follows the best practices for B2B blogging.

I joined DevriX in 2018 to work on WordPress projects and further explore content and inbound marketing strategies. My core responsibilities as the Content Team Coordinator have been:

  • Blog Manager – working with writers, approving articles, publishing on the blog
  • Content writer – writing articles for DevriX blog, see some of them in Publications
  • Content Marketer – working on pillar pages, eBooks and freebies, landing pages
  • Social media marketer – creating content for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Email marketer – designing newsletters on MailChimp, sending campaigns and following up on results
  • SEO specialist – optimizing published content, researching for keywords, link building

Software used:

  • WordPress Dashboard – for managing DevriX websites
  • SEMrush for SEO
  • Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest for SEO
  • Google Analytics for strategies and content planning
  • Buffer for social media planning
  • Instapage for landing pages
  • MailChimp for emails
  • Adobe XD for image processing
  • Google Documents and Sheets for everyday work
  • Asana for task management
  • Slack for instant internal communication