Creative & Marketing Director, ICYGEN: 2005 – 2010

Transforming marketing goals into original & efficient user experiences


I “fell” in the web of web marketing almost by chance. I started at ICYGEN as a Client service/ Sales person until it turned out that most of the creative ideas, concepts, slogans and copywrite were coming from my head.That discovery followed by taking over the position of a Creative & Marketing Director made me euphoric: finally I felt at home on a creative job. The invention of design concepts, original content and interactive experiences for users (UX) demanded both visual and conceptual thinking and an analytical mind.So, unintentionally, I had gone the classical “from brick to click“ road (from the traditional real estate to an innovative digital agency).I had entered web marketing from the sales person door, which I consider a greatest advantage. I am efficiency driven and generate pro-sale ideas, plus I understand clients’ demands perfectly.

Acquired experience

  • Original web content creation: marketing concepts, copywrite, experience models and information  architecture
  • Team leader for designers, developers and account managers
  • Online advertising: creation and management of online campaigns with promotional websites with custom user-experiences
  • Public lectures, in-house trainings, client seminars
  • Acquiring solid knowledge in web design, usability, website administration and PHP development
  • Marketing & PR of the agency

PLUS using all my qualifications for client relationship, sales & team managment from COLLIERS

icygen logo
ICYGEN with BGSITE awards

My projects won a total of SIX PRIZES in the “Internet advertising” category at FOUR BGSITE yearly competitions, including THREE FIRST places


  • Successful re positioning of ICYGEN from a web design studio into an interactive agency
  • Creation and management of all web marketing projects of the agency, which constituted 50% of the company work in Bulgaria
  • Team management for over 15 designers, developers, accounts and salespeople
  • Creation of many unique and successful web projects
  • Six awards in the Internet marketing category of BGSITE Competition